Suitcase and World: Belgium and France - Here We Come!!

Friday, March 31, 2006

Belgium and France - Here We Come!!

When we spread word that we were going to be travelling to Belgium and France, we quickly discovered that:

a) everyone was excited for us though many of you expressed the hope that Belgium and France would survive our visit :-)

b) many of you had been to the same countries and offered up advice on where we should go, places we might want to visit, sights to see and things to eat. We're open to all ideas - conventional and unconventional so please share your suggestions with us.

So, we've set up this blog to tap into your travel experiences as we plan our trip and to share ours with you as we move through Belgium and France.

....and yes, we will be bringing digital cameras to record events and posting them to this blog so you'll be able to keep up with our travels! Can't help it, we're as geeky as the rest of you :-)

We welcome your comments. All that we ask is that you keep them "clean" or else we will edit you out.

Diep and Julee