Suitcase and World: January 2007

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

...and we're off!!

Day 1 began with the good news that Lei got her Jordanian the 11th hour!! We were both so excited that it was reallllllly hard to concentrate on work the rest of the day.

I left work around 5:30pm. The game plan was to meet at Lei's house (out in podunk Ashburn) where I would leave my car. Her husband would drive us to the airport. I arrived at Lei's house about an hour later and she's tinkering with the contents of her bckpack -worried that it was too heavy and suggesting that she could lighten the load by removing a couple of small plastic bags. She's got a lot to learn!!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Starry, starry night.

On the drive home today, I couldn't help but notice the full moon that was lighting up the nightime sky. It got me wondering about what I would see in the sky on the nights we'll be sleeping on the deck of the felucca, floating up the Nile, or sleeping in the desert of the Wadi Rum. So, I Googled "Egyptian sky" and as expected found endless information on the role that the stars played on Egyptian life. I think that the astrological signs as we know them today we created by the Egpytians as the symbols often show up in their descriptions of the night time sky. Can't wait to see the Egyptian sky for real!!