Suitcase and World: ....and we're off!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

....and we're off!!

onths of planning are over and I'm minutes from leaving my office and getting into a cab headed for Dulles Airport. Destination? Dakar, Senegal!

In case you'r wondering, the photo for this posting is of the Wright Brothers's not what we'll be flying to Senegal in. No, we'll be jetting over in Business Class of a very modern airplane. Comfy :-)

I slept in bits and pieces last night - kept waking up every couple of hours so it was not a restful night.  I'm definitely going to sleep on the flight tonight - I'm already feeling tired now. We're scheduled to land in Dakar at around 6 am so I'm hoping that if I sleep on the plane, I'll wake up having had a decent night's sleep....aiming for no jet lag cause as usual, I have planned a jam packed day of activities :-)

Talibah had arranged for a friend of her boyfriend's to pick her up from her place to take her to the airport. I asked if I could hitch a ride and so they'll be swinging by the office to come and pick me up. I need to be downstairs at 2:30 so I'm signing off. The next blog posting will be from the other side of the North Atlantic Ocean!!