Suitcase and World: Monsoon!

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Photo by K Murali Kumar
Last year I went to Mexico during hurricane season and this year, I will be in south India during monsoon season. 

Technically speaking, there are meteorological differences between hurricanes and monsoons but for me, it just translates into rainy season.

As it turned out, being in Mexico during rainy season wasn't so bad.  We did have a few rainy afternoons but it didn't dampen our spirits any With India,  I'm prepared to be drenched :-(  From what I have been told, it will be a hard, pelting rain.....not unlike what I've experienced in other tropical areas.  I'm planning to pack along an umbrella and a rain jacket but even having both might just prove to be useless depending on just how torrential the storms really are.

The Indians track the arrival of monsoon season and according to an article that I read on the Times of India website, the monsoon will arrive on time which means June 1st for Mumbai and June 10th for Kerala.  Argh.....that's exactly when I'll be there.  I just pray that it will be like what it was like in Mexico - sunny during the day with rain during the late afternoon to cool things off.

Temperature wise, it will be oppressively hot & humid which I am definitely not keen on.  I'm packing nothing but lightweight clothing.  A while back, just out of curiosity, I checked on the temperature in Mumbai on the Weather Channel website and it was already in the low 80's at night which is not unexpected.  What surprised was the word "Smoke".  I have no idea what that means....usually, it's foggy or hazy or something along those lines but smoke??  I guess I'll find out.  Kochi is going to just as hot and humid.  For my stay on Willingdon, I'm bringing along a swimsuit as I have a feeling that when it's not raining, I'm going to be cooling off in the pool.

Rain, heat and humidity, here I come!