Suitcase and World: Packing List. Greece and Turkey.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Packing List. Greece and Turkey.

Image from The Goddess of the Hunt
Planning for this trip has gone remarkably smooth - probably because I don't have work to get in the way :-)

Even though we're quite a lot of weeks away from departing, it's not to early to put together my packing least, it's not early for an obsessive planner like me as I hate leaving packing to the last minute.

Weather wise, we'll be very lucky on this trip as the weather will be perfect for shorts and short sleeves in the day and maybe, maybe long sleeves at night. The only exceptions will be Cappadocia and Mount Nemrut where we'll like need to bring along some lightweight, warm clothing as it will be fall there.  For our early morning hike to the summit of Mt. Nemrut, we'll need to wear lots of layers to keep warm as I would love to avoid having to lug along a coat just to wear for a few hours one morning. I'm keeping my eye on the weather on the mountain.

Bro will need to bring along a pair of long pants and I will a long skirt and head scarf for visiting the monasteries in Meteora and the mosques in Istanbul.  The dress code for the monasteries is pretty strict and although I don't think they will kick him out of the mosques, we'll dress conservatively, out of respect.

I'm hoping the weather will be warm enough to swim in Santorini.  I am bringing along a swimsuit, which I just bought, for good luck.

For this trip, I am also lugging along some additional gear - my tripod and a small Bluetooth wireless speaker so we can listen to tunes.  And.....since we'll be driving in both Greece and Turkey, I am bringing along my Garmin and SD card with roadmap of Greece as well as a street map for Athens and a roadmap for Cappadocia.  We'll both have our smartphones with us so we can also access Google Maps if we need to.

The List
  • Detailed trip itinerary which has all the information for our transportation and accommodation
  • Passport, airline tickets and travel documents (all with photocopies)
  • Hotel and apartment rental vouchers
  • Car rental vouchers
  • eTickets for Aegean Airlines and SunJet
  • Euros as well as $US, credit and debit card
  • Rain jacket
  • 6 short sleeve, light cotton shirts
  • 2 long sleeve shirt
  • 2 pairs of capri pants
  • 2 pairs of shorts
  • 2 pair of long pants
  • 1 long skirt
  • 1 head scarf
  • Swimsuit
  • Underwear and one pair of socks
  • Towel
  • Sunhat and sunglasses
  • 1 pair walking shoes
  • 1 pair sandals
  • 1 pair rubber slippers 
  • Camping towels for both Bro and I
  • Toiletries and first aid kit (including ylenol, Band Aids, Neosporin, lip balm, Immodium AD, Pepto Bismol, Zithromax, Cipro)
  • Sunblock and lotion
  • Toilet paper, handiwipes
  • Binoculars and flashlight
  • Plastic cutlery and can opener 
  • Spare pair of eye glasses
  • Garmin GPS with Europe map
  • Nikon dSLR camera, filters, spare batteries, chargers and outlet adapters, SD cards
  • iPad with SD card reader
  • Pen and notebook
  • iPod
  • Drain plug, laundry detergent, and plastic hangers for drying clothes
And as always......

I bring along a collapsible tote to bring back all those things that I buy along the way.  This trip, I will bring along 2 totes as I am foreseeing that Bro will commandeer one to carry his fruit in.  I know him well.

    As always the list is long but somehow, it all fits in.