Suitcase and World: Our Andasibe Home. Hotel Feon'ny Ala.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Our Andasibe Home. Hotel Feon'ny Ala.

We stayed at the Feon' ny Ala Hotel for two nights when we were in Andasibe.  Nothing fancy but perfectly comfortable.

Hotel Reception and restaurant is in the building in the background.
Our room was an individual bungalow.  I thought they were kind of cute!

From our small front porch, we looked over the thatched roofs of the bungalows below us.  Beyond that was the rainforest.

It wasn't quite tourist season yet, so the place was relatively empty which was great because it was super quiet at night.

There were two twin beds in the room and enough electrical outlets for us to charge up our devices.  The bathroom was pretty spartan - just an open shower.  Thankfully, there was hot water.  I don't mind a cold shower when it's hot outside but that was not the case on our visit.  Too cold outside for a hot waterless shower.  We are wimps.

There's always a challenge with hotel rooms.  Sometimes it's something as simple as figuring out how to use the shower.  In this case, it was locking the door.  There was a key on the inside of the door.  George soon figured out that he had to line the barrel up with both keys and then use one to lock the door.  Smart guy.....:-)

The hotel had a restaurant.  We just had two meals there - dinner the first night and breakfast the following two mornings.  As with the accommodations, the food was nothing fancy but it filled the belly.  Truth be known, we much preferred the food at the Marie Lodge across the street but there's something to be said about the convenience of having your meal in the hotel restaurant.  As long as he had his beer and free WiFi, George was a happy camper :-)