Suitcase and World: Faroe Islands and Scotland Travel Map.

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Faroe Islands and Scotland Travel Map.



t's been ages, (like almost 2 years!) since I've posted up anything on my blog and that's not because I've not done any traveling but it's because I've done TOO much traveling!! I just couldn't keep up with all the posting. But I really do want to get back to doing it, I just have to figure out how to balance blogging with everything else that I want to do these days.

In any case, I did want to post up our Faroe Islands and Scotland travel map. 

Google My Maps is an integral component of my trip planning process. I start by researching all the places that I would be interested in going to and I pin them on the map. Over time, as I do more research, some of the pins are removed and others added. I use layers as a way of creating daily itineraries, along with marking locations of our accommodations, restaurants, markets, gardens, and anything else we're interested in seeing or doing. 

Our trip to the Faroe Islands and Scotland was mainly a 5 week long roadtrip and we couldn’t have done it without Google Maps and a GPS receiver from Bad Elf! 

There was a lot of advance planning to create custom Google Maps with each day’s drive route and sightseeing itinerary pinned. Several of the places we had been to have been only have GPS coordinates to identify them, common when you travel to remote destinations, so I pinned all the GPS coordinates onto the maps and then tagged them with readable names so we could easily plug them in as destinations. I then offlined all the custom Google Maps onto my iPad. I chose to go with the iPad because the screen is larger than on a phone....makes it easier for my co-pilot (aka Pat) to see. What drove our navigation was a small GPS receiver from Bad Elf. One end plugs into the iPad and the other into a USB connector for power - the iPad gets its power thru the Bad Elf. No internet access is required. I’ve used it on other drive trips and it’s worth its weight in gold! 

With yet another trip coming up shortly (fingers crossed), I'm off to finally yet another travel map!