Suitcase and World: The packing list.

Sunday, November 5, 2006

The packing list.

I learned in Peru that I can travel with very little luggage - on that trip, my backpack checked in at 8.5kg or about 20 pounds. So when I read that I was limited to 15kg or about 30lbs for this trip, I wasn't worried as I would have ten more pounds of stuff that I could bring along - important since I would be travelling for 3 weeks and not 2. Here's what I've managed to cram into my backpack and still stay under the weight limit!

* Passport, airline tickets and travel documents (all with photocopies)
* Travel guides
* $US in cash and travellers checks
* Egyptian pounds and Jordanian dinars - need a bit of local currency just to get started
* Credit and debit cards
* Windbreaker + Fleece jacket
* Cotton (thick) sweater
* 5 tee shirts + 2 long sleeve shirts
* 1 pair of khakis, 3 pairs hiking pants, 1 pair of capris and 1 pair of shorts
* Swimsuit
* Underwear
* 3 pairs of short socks + 1 pair of knee length socks
* Sunhat + sunglasses
* 1 pair walking shoes + 1 pair sports sandals
* Towel
* Toiletries
* First aid kit including Tylenol, Band Aids, Neosporin, lip balm and Immodium AD Sunblock, insect repellent and anti sting/itch salve
* Toilet paper + handiwipes
* Binoculars, flashlight, and Case knife
* Digital camera, spare battery and charger
* Travel alarm clock and watch
* Emergency blanket
* Sleeping bag
* Backpack cover
* 1 litre water bottle + water purification tablets
* 12 Power Bars (for those days when meals are far and/or few between)
* 18 packs of Crystal Lite To Go
* Journal and pen to record my trip.
* Laundry detergent + 2 plastic hangers for drying clothes

and last, but not least......., 1 collapsible tote to bring back all those things that I buy along the way but have no space in my backpack for.

......and who said I can't travel light :-)