Suitcase and World: Goodbyes.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


I hate goodbyes.

Our last night in Madaba. We had dinner at King Shaurma - no one wanted anything fancier. We all huddled around tables in the upstairs eating area. We talked and laughed as we had throughout the trip - I would soon miss the stories that everyone had to tell and the sound of the laughter. In fact, I laughed so much on my last few days in Jordan, that I returned home with laryngitis!

On our way out, we said goodbye to the guy that had been shawarmas for us all day. I never knew his name but he was so kind to us.

It was too early to head back to the hotel so Daniel suggested we go down the block to the Ayola Cafe for drinks, sheesha, etc. More talking and laughing - it was something that came naturally to this group and I think it's why I enjoyed being with them so much. From our first meeting in Cairo, I knew there was a never going to be a dull or quiet moment!

Daniel snapped this last photo of the group.

From left to right. Daniel, Bridget, me, Alex, Sandy, Dora, Lei, Laura and Zdena.

Back at the hotel, Daniel made the hotel to airport taxi arrangements for everyone so we had one less thing to worry about.

The group then gathered in the lobby for one last game of Kings and Asses and more talking and laughing. Daniel, Zdena and I watched as the others played.

Then it came time to say goodbye to everyone. We all gave each other big hugs and well wishes. It was a very bittersweet moment - I tried not to cry but I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes as I walked back to our room.