Suitcase and World: More shots.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

More shots.

Although I had gotten a slew of vaccinations for my trip to Peru last year, I decided to check International SOS to see if I needed any additional vaccinations and sure enough, I did. I'm missing Hepatitis B. So today, at lunchtime, I went to a nearby travel clinic and got my first of three shots for Hep B - another stamp in my vaccination booklet. I'm going back next Thursday and two Thursdays after that for the remaining two shots.

I'm also starting to assemble the medical "kit" for this trip - Mefloquine for malaria, Diamox for altitude sickness, Immodium for anti-diarrhea, Cipro for antibiotic, Zithromax and Tylenol for general aches and pains....and last but not least, a syringe kit. I had to be put under, twice in one day, after my fall in Egypt. Fortunately, in both instances, the needles that they used were new. However, you never know and it's better to be safe than to come back with an incurable disease.

For purifying water, I'll be bringing along Potable Aqua (iodine based) tablets and my Katydyn purifier. In the higher elevations, you really get thirsty fast and if I'm not in a place where I can buy bottled water than purifying whatever comes out of the tap is the only option.

It's a lot of medical stuff to be toting along but I'm not about to take any chances!