Suitcase and World: The waiting begins.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

The waiting begins.

Last night, I reserved my spot on the Tibet tour but won't receive confirmation until early August. This means I won't be able to finalize the arrangements for the other parts of my trip (through India and Nepal), buy airline tickets or get my travel visas until then. Ugh.

I'm also holding off on getting travel insurance until I get confirmation. From now on, I'm refusing to travel without it - I learned the value of having secondary insurance after my fall in Egypt.

I must admit, I hate the waiting - the more I read about the places I'll be visiting, the more I just want to go! Fortunately, there's lots of reading, researching and planning that still needs to be done so I'm keeping busy. For starters, I will be finalizing my daily itineraries for each day of the trip and starting to fill in the paperwork for the visas to India and Nepal.

....and I'm ticking the days off the calendar on my desk - I'm already counting down!