Suitcase and World: Bed, bath and beyond.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bed, bath and beyond.

Lobby of the pension we'll be staying at in Istanbul. Can you tell the owner has a love of Turkish lamps? :-)

hanks to Lei's persistent efforts, we have accommodations for all the places that we'll be travelling to but the one in Fethiye which is currently closed for the season and we have to call back in April. Lei is worried about getting her visas in time so the earlier we have accommodations picked out, the better for her in case she needs to provide this information on her visa application form(s).

All the places that we've booked to stay in are either family run pensions or rooms in private accommodations - even in Istanbul and Dubrovnik. No big hotels which is the way I like it. It's always nice when the place has a modest, homey feel to it but yet is full of character and you get to know the "inn keepers" on a first name basis.

Lei saw this picture of bicyles, ready for use by guests, parked outside one of the pensions that we'll be staying in and she immediately declared she wanted to ride one even though it's been a VERY long time since she's been on a bicycle! I just hope she doesn't fall off and hurt herself :-(
The pension that we'll be staying at in Trogir has scooters for rent. I've ridden a scooter before but not Lei. She wants to ride one but I told her over my dead body. :-)

We chose all the places based on reviews in the major travel guides and websites. All were rated as good bargains for the money which is important as we want to keep our costs down as much as possible.....that and so we have more money to spend on shopping and other activities :-)

Most of the places offer home cooked meals - especially important for breakfast as I just want to be able to roll out of bed, gulp down some food and head out for the day without having to wander out in search of food. Several offer transportation to/from the major tourist spots and/or the local bus station which is a plus since we are doing most of our travel by bus.

I'm really looking forward to staying at all the places we've picked out - I hope they all live up to our expectations!