Suitcase and World: The packing begins....

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The packing begins....

nce again, my "suitcase" will be my trusty Eagle Creek backpack - small and lightweight which makes it manageable for me to carry. This will be important as most of our travel within both Turkey and Croatia will be by bus. I can't imaging lugging along a 26" pullman suitcase around as we schlep back and forth between pensions/hotels and various bus stations.

I have grown to really love my backpack. Only problem is that deciding what to take with me is always a challenge since space and keeping the weight down are major considerations.

Here's the packing list so far.
  • Passport, airline tickets and travel documents (all with photocopies)
  • Travel guides
  • $US, Euros, New Turkish Lira and Kunas
  • Credit and debit cards +
  • 1 lightweight cotton sweater
  • 4 tee shirts , 2 long sleeve shirts, 2 nice shirts for evening wear
  • 2 pairs hiking pants, 2 pairs capris, 1 pair lightweight cotton pants, 1 pair lightweight dress pants.
  • 2 pairs of short socks
  • Sunhat, sunglasses
  • 1 hiking shoes, 1 pair sports sandals, 1 pair rubber slippers, 1 pair dress sandals
  • Towel
  • Toiletries
  • First aid kit including Cipro, Advair, Immodium AD, Cold/Flu medicine, Tylenol, Band Aids, Neosporin, lip balm, sunblock, syringes
  • Toilet paper, Purell and feminine napkins/tampons
  • Flashlight, and pocket knife
  • 2 digital cameras and accessories for each (spare batteries, charger and outlet adapters, SD cards, USB SD readers)
  • MP3 player, adapter
  • Travel alarm clock and watch
  • Calculator
  • Journal and pen to record my trip
  • Drain plug, laundry detergent, and plastic hangers for drying clothes
  • 2 canvas straps and caribiners in case I have to tie anything to the outside of my backpack
  • 1 collapsible tote
and, a travel hair dryer....for Lei.