Suitcase and World: Cappadocia. Day 3 - Devrent Valley.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cappadocia. Day 3 - Devrent Valley.

y now, you would have thought that I had had enough of rocks but surprisingly not. Each area in Cappadocia has its own distinctive fairy chimney shape. The color of the rock differs from one area to another as well. With each stop to another valley, I was discovering a new landscape each time.

Known in English as the Imagination Valley, Devrent Valley is a small area of rock formations that beg you to use your imagination to describe the shapes. That one looks like a camel. Is that a dolphin? Looks like a....?? You get the picture.

The Devrent Valley rock formations have a more pinkish hue to them than the ones in Paşabağ. We were here in the early part of the afternoon. This would probably be a good place to return to see the sun set.

Shortly after we arrived, a huge tour bus pulled out and all its riders got off. That was immediately a second, equally huge tour bus. We were surrounded by other tourists. We quickly made our way to see a few of the more well known formations and then quickly skedaddled back to the van.

On the way to our next and final destination, the Rose Valley, we stopped over for a photo op in front of Ürgüp's most famous set of fairy chimneys - simply referred to as "Father, Mother and Daughter".