Suitcase and World: …and the saz player took center stage.

Monday, November 24, 2008

…and the saz player took center stage.

ast night, Şahin and his friend Ali, Virginia,Fabio and I finally made it to Ürgüp to a music bar to listen to live Turkish music.

This time it was a different band and the saz player was definitely more talented. The band was already playing when we walked in. We found ourselves a spot to sit. Glasses of beer soon filled the table and cigarette smoke the air. I sipped on a Coke and Ali, the designated driver had his glasses of orange juice.

I sat back and enjoyed the music. The musical ensemble was a trio and for Turkish bands, the heart and soul is no doubt the saz player.

In the hands of a skillful musician as the one who played last night, the saz is an extremely versatile sound machine. When the musical notes are held long and slow, a woeful sound emanates from the saz. Şahin says the songs are often about unrequited love – that would explain the sadness.

Fast picks of the strings bring forth a vibrant beat to the music as what I heard when we were hiking through the valleys the other day. Şahin said that was wedding music playing – the sound of joy and happiness.

Sometimes the strains of the saz are harsh in tone – perhaps those are the songs reflecting anger. I must ask Sahin the next time I hear the music play.

We stayed only for a couple of musical sets but it was enough to satisfy my musical senses for the night.