Suitcase and World: Itinerary.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


riginally, I had hoped to plan my own trip through China but with a incredibly heavy work load to fully occupy my days and a kitchen expansion/renovation to occupy my nights, there was little time to do focus on travel. So, I decided to take the easy route and go on a tour through China and while I was checking out tours through China, I found one that I liked for Mongolia. The China tour starts in Shanghai and ends in Beijing. I'm adding a few days before Shanghai to see a couple other cities and extending my stay in Beijing by another few days so I can fully see the city plus some surrounding towns. Mongolia will be per the tour itinerary.

So, here's the travel itinerary.

June 18. Depart DC
June 19. Arrive Shanghai
June 20. Zhouzhuang/Suzhou
June 21. Suzhou/Hangzhou
June 22. Hangzhou
June 23 - 24. Shanghai
June 25. Nanjing
June 26-28. Three Gorges/Yangzi River
June 29-31. X'ian
July 1. Beijing
July 2-3. Great Wall
July 4-8. Beijing
July 9. Beijing/Ulaanbaatar

July 10-13. Ulanbaatar/Naadam Festival
July 14. Amarbayasgalant Monastery
July 15-16. Selenge River
July 17-8. Khovsgol Lake
July 19-21. Shine Ider / Great White Lake
July 22. Tsenher Hot Springs
July 23. Bayan Gobi
July 24. Ulaan Baatar
July 25. Ulaan Baatar/Beijing
July 26. Depart Beijing/Arrive DC