Suitcase and World: Guatemala. Itinerary.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Guatemala. Itinerary.

W ith my brother and Soon on board, I decided to go ahead and firm up the itinerary. We're traveling with GAP, one of my favorite tour companies. The GAP trip does not to Tikal which is a "must-see". Luckily, there are plenty of local tours that go there so it's just a matter of finding the one that works best for us. Here's the tentative itinerary.

Mar 23/24. Depart SF/DC, arrive into Guatemala City, bus/shuttle to Antigua.
Mar 25. Depart Antigua via bus to Flores. (It will be a 12 hour bus ride....ugh)
Mar 26. Tikal/Flores.
Mar 26-27. Overnight bus from Flores back to Antigua.
Mar 27. Antigua.
Mar 28 - 30. Chichicastanango/Lago de Atitlán/Panajachel.
Mar 31 - Apr 5. Antigua.
Apr 5. Depart Guatemala for home.

As I do more planning, I'm finding out there's a lot of activities that we can take part in ranging from visiting coffee and macadamia nut farms to ziplining, paragliding, horseback riding and hiking. The guys are up for anything so I think we're going to have a lot of fun on this trip!!