Suitcase and World: As night falls in Antigua.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

As night falls in Antigua.

Iwas  laying on my bed in the hotel room, completely exhausted from a long day travel and walking about the town. The sun was starting to set and thoughts of dinner came to mind.  According to the hotel receptionist, walking outside after dark is not advisable so we were all thinking we should head out to grab a bite before the sun set. But, I was way too tired to go out and my brother was napping in the room.

So, I sent the Ang Bros out in search of dinner to bring back to the hotel. We had spotted a Pollo Campero next door to the restaurant we had lunch at so out of sheer convenience, we decided our first dinner in Guatemala would be take out chicken.  So sad, I know. However, if you're wondering why we're eating fried chicken in Guatemala when we should be eating *local* fare, Pollo Campero is a Guatemalan fast food chain restaurant - their version of KFC. There's one about 5 miles from my house so I'm familiar with their yummy chicken.

While the Ang Bros went out to get dinner, I did some light repacking. We're heading to Tikal tomorrow and the plan is for all of us to leave our big packs/bags behind and just travel with our daypacks. It's only for two nights, one of which will be spent on the overnight bus, so no point lugging all that extra baggage around.

The boys came back with a box of fried chicken (I love Pollo Campero!!), some fried shrimp and a small pack of french fries.  We spread the food and bottles of water out on a table on the upper level patio just outside our hotel room.  It was a perfect evening for an outdoor meal - even if it's carryout chicken!.

Dessert were the fruits we had bought earlier in the day - mangoes (they're in season at the moment and we finding there are so many different varieties to choose from, caimitos (also known as *star apples*) and chickos (which we know as *chikoo* in Malaysia and is known as sapodilla in the rest of Central America). 

We ate, we drank, we chatted, we laughed, we bonded - it was a perfect way to end a great first day in Guatemala!  I can't wait to see how the rest of this trip unfolds!!  Buenas noches, dulces sueños!