Suitcase and World: Sri Lanka. Itinerary.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sri Lanka. Itinerary.

Thanks to Chandana, I already have an itinerary to start planning our trip.  He's obviously used to taking a certain class of traveler's around so I had to explain a few things to him about my travel style starting with no factory tours.  He got that down and never mentioned after the first email.  One night stay in a local village.  Yes, he will arrange.  Safari in Yala.  Check.  If possible, side trip to Horton Plains.  Maybe.  At least one night at the beach.  Done.  Stopover in Ratnapura to see the gem mines.  He'll get back to me on that. And most importantly, two nights in Kandy so we can experience the 4th and 5th Randoli.  Thumbs up from Chandana as we confirmed we have hotel and seats!

And as he keeps telling me, things can be changed.  I like the fact that he's so flexible and I will most certainly take full advantage of that!

So, time to get the plane tickets (before prices go up some more) and to hunker down on reading and planning!