Suitcase and World: Lazy start.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Lazy start.

Ahhh....I woke up this morning feeling more rested than I had in days even though my sleep was interrupted last night by the sound of a heavy rainstorm pelting down on the terrace outside my room. I think it was the super comfy bed and comforter that did me in :-)

I had skipped dinner last night and I had no idea if I would get lunch or not today so I decided I had better have breakfast. Besides, it came free with the room.

Up at the restaurant, the waitress led me to the front table, the one with the unobstructed view of the water. While I waited for my scrambled egg to be brought to my table, I trolled the buffet bar and made a plate of food to nibble on.

I read the local paper while I ate my breakfast. One article caught my eye. It's a testament to the fact that vehicular traffic here is utter madness - if there are driving rules, people either don't know what they are or they simply don't care. Unfortunately, pedestrians do not have the right of way and the accidental death statistics are a testament to that fact. The article provided people reminders on how to properly walk alongside and cross the roads. Amazing to me that this information actually needs to be published in a newspaper.

I took my time to nibble on my food not because I wanted to savor it but because I wasn't in a rush to eat. It was the most relaxing breakfast I've had since I can't remember when. Most days, I just gulp down breakfast when I'm at work on on weekends, breakfast usually just ends up being brunch.

After breakfast, I changed some money to pay for Vinod 's services and then went back to the room and grabbed my camera. I was headed back to the beach and this time I would actually make it. This morning, I had discovered a short cut from my room to the path which cut the walk time by at least half.


I headed down the path to the beach that is privately owned by the hotel. The waves were rough, crashing over the rocks and throwing surf high up into the air. There were wooden beach chairs positioned under thatched roof umbrellas. I found a spot for myself and sat back on the chair. There were a few people walking at the water's edge. The red flag had been planted in the sand; there would not be any swimming today.

I had barely settled into enjoying my view of the sea when I was rudely interrupted by a local resident offering to first off take me on a two hour backwater boat ride for 4000 rupee. When I told him I was leaving in an hour and didn't have time for the ride, he then offered to take me around to see some sights. I again thanked him for his offer but turned him down. After the second failed attempt to engage me, he finally gave up and walked away.

I now had some peace and quiet. Just me and the sound of the waves. Bliss.

I never can keep completely still so I used my "out of chair" moments to take photos of the beach area.

Soon, it got to be more hot and humid than I felt comfortable being in so I headed back to the room to chill down, rest up and get ready to check out.