Suitcase and World: Israel. Itinerary.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Israel. Itinerary.

Since I'm going on a tour, the itinerary is pretty much fixed except that I'm adding a few days to Jerusalem to take in Purim celebrations and to have time for a side trip to Jericho. On the way to Jericho, I hope to stop at Wadi Qelt, in the Judean Desert, to see St. George's Monastery. I also hope I get to visit Bethlehem but that will all depend on whether or not the Palestinian Authority will be allowing it at the time I'm there.

Traveling in Israel is definitely more problematic than in any other place I've been to because of the political situation but as long as I stick with a tour, I will be fine. At this point, I'm so excited about finally going to Israel that it's often hard to concentrate on anything else other than preparing for my trip!