Suitcase and World: Doing the Happy Dance!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Doing the Happy Dance!

Ayşe, clutching a VERY large bundle of basil, in her community garden plot.

Awhile back my good friend, Ayşe, emailed me to tell me that she was going to be visiting her mother in Turkey around the same time that Bro and I will be there. Even though Ayşe's hometown is not that far away from Cappadocia, she's never been there before and I've longed teased her about this. What? You're Turkish and you've never been to Cappadocia?

In her email, she mentioned that she is planning to go to Cappadocia on this trip and will bring her mother along.  I replied back with the dates that Bro and I will be there and where we will be staying.  I also told her that we've rented a car and we can easily accommodate for her and her mother.  I left it at that but kept my fingers crossed that it would indeed happen. Today, I got another email from Ayşe confirming that she will indeed be in Cappadocia at the same time that we're there!  I am so thrilled with this news!  Ayşe and I have done a couple of trips together and with Bro, we all went to Mexico in 2011. That was a great trip - the three of us had so much fun!  Though we'll all be together for only a few short days, we'll make the most of it as we always do!

She just put a smile on my face for the rest of the day!

UPDATE Oct 12.  I got an email from Ayşe today telling me that she won't be joining us in Cappadocia.  She fell ill following Eid celebrations with her family and will be staying with them rather than traveling to Cappadocia.  I replied back that perhaps this means I will have to come back to Turkey to meet up with her in Cappadocia.  Any excuse to go back to Turkey is a good one! :-)