Suitcase and World: The i's Are Dotted and the t's are Crossed.

Friday, March 20, 2015

The i's Are Dotted and the t's are Crossed.

We got our final set of instructions from Yuriy today; we are ready to go!

I am unbelievably thrilled that after months of talking about this trip and even more months of working through all the pre-trip logistics, it's all come together smoothly and soon, we'll be taking off!

Both Pat and I have been communicating every few days throughout this whole trip planning process - she's been a great person to bounce ideas around with. 

At this point, we are prepared as best we can be but we know there will be some challenging moments on this trip - we will just have to be understanding and patient as difficulties arise.

I still have a few small tasks to take care of before I leave and will be focusing on getting those things done as time will fly by between now and when we leave.  So for now, I'm done with reading and this is my last blog posting for a while.

Central Asia, here we come!