Suitcase and World: Heading for NYC.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Heading for NYC.

The alarm was set for 7:30a but my internal travel day click had me up at quarter past 7. I was too antsy to stay in bed so I got up and prepared to leave. I did all the last minute tasks including shutting off the water main and putting away the dishes.  I checked the weather by stepping outside my front door.  It was a cold and chilly day.   Where is spring?!?!

I had booked a taxi for 8a and anxiously waited for it to arrive. I am always relieved to see my ride arrive on time. It was a short ride to the Metro station and from there to Union Station.

It was 8:48a when I stepped inside the main level of Union Station. I was here to catch the 10:10a bus to NYC. As usual, I had planned to leave with enough time to take into account any delays due to rush hour traffic but for some reason (maybe because it's Friday?) there was no traffic of any sort so I arrived well ahead of time. I headed up to the bus stop area to see where Megabus pulls in. There was already a really long line of people! It couldn't be my bus.  I Googled to check the Megabus schedule and there was a 9:30a bus.  This was the line for that bus.  I stood around for a few minutes and then decided to head back inside the station to wait.  It was cold.  I'm glad that I decided to wear my windbreaker, on top of my fleece jacket. 

I was antsy so I kept going back and forth between inside the station and the bus line until about 9:40a when the long line had shrunk down to just a few people. I took my spot and waited.  The bus was late pulling into the station but luckily when it did, everyone was quick to board up. It was my first time on Mega Bus.  I decided to sit on the lower level.  I settled into my seat as as the bus pulled out of the station, I was beginning to regret my choice of seat as I was surround by a group of really chatty 30 something year old women.  No way to leave.  I was stuck :-(  No happy.  I buried my face into my iPad in an attempt to turn the chatter into white noise.  About an hour into the drive, we made a quick stop in White Marsh to pick up some more passengers.  When we pulled away from the stand, the bus was full.  The chatter around me soon put me to sleep.

I woke up at the distant sight of the NYC skyline.  It's a dreary day here too!  I perked up as I knew we would soon be arriving at our destination 7th Ave and 28th St - right in front of the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).

I called Pat as soon as I had my suitcase in hand.  I was happy to be back in NYC!.  I'm getting to know my way around her neighborhood, Chelsea.

Inside the entrance of Pat's building, I punched in the key code and Pat buzzed me in.  As always, she is waiting for me outside her door.  We greeted each other with big smiles and a hug.  It was good to see her.

Immediately inside her apartment, we launched in to a chat about what we were packing in our suitcases - comparing notes on what each of us was bringing, making sure we were not duplicating shared items.  We would have tomorrow to pick up any thing else we felt we would need.  I'm still debating on whether or not to buy the lightweight down jacket from UNIQLO.  Based on the weather reports we've been seeing, my fleece jacket and maybe my rain jacket would be enough but I don't know.  Spring has been so cold here and if it's the same in Central Asia, then my two jackets won't be enough.  I'll decide tomorrow morning.

For dinner, Pat cooked up some chicken thighs.  I suggested to her we just clear out her fridge as best we can.  After dinner, we just chatted and relaxed the night away.  Tomorrow, we have the morning free and then Pat has bought us tickets for an off Broadway show called Bad Dancing.  I'm going to enjoy my layover in NYC before the big trip begins!

Goodnight from NYC!