Suitcase and World: Ashgabat to Daşoguz.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ashgabat to Daşoguz.

Daşoguz ("Dah-show-gooz") also spelled as Dashoguz is a city in northern Turkmenistan and the capital the province of the same name.  For tourists, it is the launch point to the seeing the ruins of the ancient city of Kunya-Urgench.

Our early morning flight from Ashgabat landed at the airport in Daşoguz just before 7a in the morning.  As we stood in baggage claim, waiting for our suitcases to come out, a slender blond haired woman approached us.  Looking around the terminal, it would have been very clearly obvious we were the only tourists around.  We did the usual round of introductions and it took us a couple of repeats to get her name down - Kseniya.  From her looks, I figured she was of Russian descent.

The plane wasn't full and not everyone checked in bags so our suitcases made their appearance pretty quickly.  We followed Kseniya out of the terminal and right at the curbside, our driver and car were waiting for us.  Kseniya introduced us to our driver but as soon as he said it, I forgot it.  I never did get it.

As our driver loaded up our bags, Pat and I noticed just how cold and windy it was here.  I guess northern Turkmenistan has not yet received the memo that it's spring!  Pat was already reaching for her down jacket.  I was okay, at least for now, in my fleece jacket. 

Pat and I settled in for the 40 minute or so ride to Kunya-Urgench.

Digging into our box breakfast.  How did it taste?  Her look says it all.

Not only was it windy and cold but the skies were deeply gray.  It looked like it would pour any second.

We were back in the heart of the Turkmen desert which makes up 80% of the landscape of this country.  It's flat and dull here.

Every now and again, we would see patches of green - some crops growing but for the most part, it was just a whole lot of dirt.

Thankfully, it was indeed a short ride - not much chance to get bored.

By the time our driver stopped the engine, I was ready to get out and get going!

Hello Kunya-Urgench!