Suitcase and World: Visa. Check.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Visa. Check.

Got my visa today!  I dropped off the application at the consulate this past Monday.   No service fee but I did have to give them a copy of my trip itinerary and flight information.

I was that it would take five business days. Yesterday, I received an email telling me the visa was ready and I could come and get my passport.  So, first thing this morning, I drove down to the consulate and picked it up!  Not about to have it sitting and waiting for longer than necessary.

I have to say that as an obsessed traveler, the best thing about living near DC is the fact that the vast majority of countries that have an embassy and consulate in the US, have them located in DC.  Makes getting visas a simple task!

George got his visa a week after I got mine.  No issues for him either.   Key task done!   Next is to check on what travel medicines and vaccinations are required for Madagascar so we can take care of that task next!