Suitcase and World: Bruges Day 2. Off to a Slow Start.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Bruges Day 2. Off to a Slow Start.


    dragged myself out of bed this morning as I did not sleep well last night. It was much too hot. Our room opens out onto a ground level patio and all we have are patio doors so there was no way to cool down the room so I could sleep comfortably.  I'm debating whether or not to ask for a new room.

In any event, our room came with a free continental breakfast. After days of sticker shot of how expensive it is to eat out here, Z decided he had to take full advantage of the free meal even if that meant having to set an alarm to wake himself up. Breakfast ended at 10a and between me and Z's alarm, we managed to get him to the dining room by 9:20a. Poor kid wasn't looking too good today. I've learned that he's not a happy camper until he's eaten something so hopefully that's it and not that he's coming down sick.

By the time we made we arrived to the dining room, it was slim pickings for food but there was still enough of a selection to put together a decent breakfast.

Poor kid was still tired so I suggested he go back to bed for a short nap.  He was too tired to even want to object to my suggestion!

In the meantime, I took the opportunity to do a little wandering on my own.  It was a cloudy day when I set out.

Entrance to our hotel.  Ever so cute!

Luckily, I had packed the blueberry poncho in my backpack.  I started at the square located nearby our hotel.

't Zand Square is the largest public square in Bruges. It is situated where the old railway station used to be.  On the weekends, the space is host to an open air market and on other occasions it serves as an open air concert venue.

On the far left are four bathing ladies representing Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent and Kotriejk, the four main cities of the region.  On the right is group of cyclists representing the local culture. Amongst the cyclists are Nele and Till Eulenspiegel, characters from local folklore.
Fishermen from the nearby port of Zeebrugge.

I missed taking a photo of the reclining mermaid which is the last of the four sculptures.

From the fountain, I just wandered the streets around our hotel.  It wasn't early morning but I was just far off away from the tourist path that I was pretty much walking by myself.  It was actually enjoyable to walk the streets without having to say, "excuse me" every few feet I walked!

Sint Salvatoskathedraal (Holy Savior Cathedral)  was not originally built to be a cathedral - it obtained that status only in the 19th century. When Sint-Salvator was founded in the 10th century, it was just a common parish church. At present, it is the main church of the city.  The door was open so I went in.  The crowds were coming in so I decided I had to make it a short visit!

Entering the church.

Off in one room were some interesting painted stone panels, situated on the floor below ground level.  The posted sign described these as remnants of the church's original Romanesque portal that stood in the latter part of the 12th century but the paintings don't look Romanesque to me.  I've tried to find information about  these panels but I've come up empty handed on all the searches I've done so far.  

The church's pulpit.

After spending a few minutes inside the church, I did a bit of window shopping before heading back to the hotel.  It was close to 12:30p.  Time to wake up sleeping beauty!