Suitcase and World: Counting Down the Minutes.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Counting Down the Minutes.


y  Belgium and France travel partner is finally here.  It took him all of five minutes to settle into his room!  That's about how long it takes a 20-something year old male to get his suitcase unpacked and himself comfortable in his new surroundings :-)

After Z arrived, he immediately did his laundry.  We then managed to sort through his clean clothes and cull them down to the bare necessities that he will be bringing with him.  After he does a few more trips, he will learn to pare down what he travels with - the small suitcase he arrived with was heavier than any I have ever carried on any of my trips!

Z''s got a few days of down time before we hit the road.  In the meantime, he's enjoying some home cooked food, thanks to his grandmother and I.  He's very much an introvert and seems to be relishing some quiet time, especially today as it has rained cats and dogs all day long.  The poor guy does want to walk about DC while he's here but not today it's just too wet to be outside.  Hopefully, the skies will clear up tomorrow and he can venture out as I think he's starting to feel a bit cooped up.

We do still have to finalize a few things plus wrap up a wee bit of planning before we leave but otherwise, we're pretty much set.

We'll soon be on our way!  Belgium and France, here we come!