Suitcase and World: Our Time in Bagan Comes to an End.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Our Time in Bagan Comes to an End.

We ended our short time in Bagan as we had started it - with a quick visit to the top of a pagoda.  Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the pagod though it's located just stone's throw from our hotel.  I'm sure the original plan was for us to come here to see the sunset but with today's overcast skies, that was not meant to be.  In any case, it was nice to once again gaze out over the plains of Bagan.

It was well past 6p when we arrived at the pagoda and although it is winter time here, the sun doesn't set til past 7p.

One thing that is nice about Bagan. Unless you are going to one of the more popular tourist monuments, you're likely to not bump into to many people.  There are plenty of monuments to go around!  This place was pretty quiet - just us four and may be a handful of other people.

Unlike Bu Le Thi, the steps leading to the top of this pagoda were inside.  The steep stone steps were inside a dark stairwell.  As always, I take it slowly and had I needed to use it, I did have my flashlight with me.  The upper terrace wrapped all the way around the tower so we could see the plains from all four directions.

From one of the vantage points, I could see Gawdawpalin and the Bagan Archaeological Museum.  That's when I realized just how close we were to our hotel.  In the photo below, I don't know the name of the temple in the foreground but in the background the Bagan Archaeological Museum is the red roofed building on the left and Gawdawpalin is the tall white building, with the golden hti, on the right.

I don't know the name of the gilded pagoda in the photo below.  Looking at it gave me the thought that someone (who loves the historic monuments in Bagan and has app development skills) should develop an app that, using GPS, will pinpoint on a map, the name of the monument you're looking at.  Similar to a stargazing app except this one tells you the name of the monument and gives you information about it.  I would buy the app.  It would make the Bagan experience a much richer one!

For the next few days, tourists will still be allowed to climb the pagodas.  After that, doing what these folks are doing will technically be breaking the law though with more than 2,000+ pagodas spread across the plains, I don't know how the authorities think they will be able to enforce the law.

It was a short ride back to the hotel.  It was an uneventful evening except we all had to pack up our suitcases.  I had pretty much emptied out mine when we arrived.  I've been hand laundering my clothes on this trip and so far, we've stayed long enough in every place that I've been able to wash a bunch of clothes and have them dry in time before we move on.

Tonight as with last night, I broke away from having traditional Burmese food for dinner and had pasta - it never tasted so good! :-) 

Miu and Aung will be back bright and early tomorrow morning to take us to the airport for our flight to Heho where we will meet with another local guide.

Goodnight from Bagan!