Suitcase and World: Bangkok or Bust!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Bangkok or Bust!

Thai Food in street.JPG
Thai street food.  This will be my first meal in Bangkok!
(Photo by MOs81.  Licensed under GFDL via Wikimedia Commons.)
In a few short hours, Bro and I will be heading to the airport for our long flight to Bangkok.

 I used to not mind the long haul flights but as I get older, I don't look forward to them. The only saving grace is there are usually plenty of videos to keep me occupied until I drift off to catnapping. I also have plenty of games loaded on my iPad and my iPod to keep me entertained as well.

Sleepwise, I never really get much sleep - just enough that I can power through the rest of the day once I land.  Bro is determined to sleep, as best he can on the flight - he bought a travel pillow last night.  Hopefully, it works for him.

The entire trip will take us nearly 18 hours not including a short layover which I have to admit, I do look forward to. It's not only a good opportunity to stretch our legs a bit but it also gives us the chance to get some fresh air.

Bro and I will arrive into Bangkok around noon and it will be early afternoon by the time we make it to our Airbnb apartment.  My plan was for us to spend a few minutes relaxing and then explore nearby Chinatown.  Bro's plan is to take a quick nap til dinner time and then hit the nearby night market for a full meal.  We both agree on the night market for dinner.  Let's see who wins out on the Chinatown versus nap thing. :-)

I am up for some good Thai street food.  Thankfully, after having eaten in all the far flung places I've been to, I've pretty much got a cast iron stomach.  I still try to stay away from fresh salads though fresh cut fruit has never been a problem for me.  Bro should be okay as well as long as we stick to cooked food.  Besides, I have both Pepto and Immodium with me just in case :-)

Ayşe won't arrive until well past midnight and we'll do our best to wait up for her.   She's also got a long haul flight with a brief layover.  However you look at it, it's going to be a very long travel day for all three of us but this trip has been months in the planning and I'm so excited that we're finally taking off!

For now, I still have a slew of last minute errands to run so it's time to log off!