Suitcase and World: Back to Shwedagon.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Back to Shwedagon.

We ended our one and only day in Yangon the same way we started it - at Shwedagon Pagoda. I convinced the other two to take a taxi for the short ride from the hotel. Spring had told us that it was worth a return trip to see the place at night as more people come to visit after dark. Our entry ticket was good for the day.

The  place is indeed hopping with activity at night though I don't think there were more people at this time of day than in the morning.  In any case, it was enjoyable to stroll around and see all the candles and the temples and golden stupa all lit up.

We hadn't noticed the small candle holders in the light of day but there were hundreds, if not thousands, of tiny flickering lights encircling the stupa.

Quite many of the niches that the Buddha images were housed in were backlit with lights.

Some of the Buddhas were backlit with flashing lights.  It all looked a bit flashy.  I'm not sure I like this for a place of such's not a Las Vegas casino.  But to each culture, it's own.

Since we had spent so much time here this morning, we stayed long enough just to get a feel of the place all  lit up at night.  It's beautiful.

Tomorrow, we're on our road trip to Mawlamyine.  I'm looking forward to getting off the beaten path and seeing some of the lesser known sites in Myanmar.

Goodnight from Yangon!