Suitcase and World: March of the Monks.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

March of the Monks.

Leaving Mawlamyine this morning, we drove by a procession of monks.  We had the driver do a U-turn and stop the car well ahead of the first monk.  We quickly scrambled out of the car and waited for the line of monks to approach us.

We were on the very busy main road so all sorts of vehicles were whizzing by the monks as they walked along.   There was road dust shrouding them.

The young monks were all walking barefoot and carrying their food baskets and bamboo fans.  They were all wrapped up in their robes.  It was a beautiful sight and one that we were lucky to see.

For us, it was early in the morning but according to Spring, the monks were on their way to lunch.

It might be my imagination but to me, it appeared that the older monks were leading the pack.

A few were so devoted they were even reading their prayer books as they walked.

It was a very long link of boys, men and crimson colored robes making their way by us.

We stood until the last boy passed us by.