Suitcase and World: Hemis Festival. The Twelve Zhing Kyong.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Hemis Festival. The Twelve Zhing Kyong.

After about an hour long intermission during which I think pretty much every one turned into a lunch hour, the dance performances resumed at the sound of the horns. 

As the monks blew the horns, a few of the die hard photographers, including Chantale walked up to to them to take close up shots.  Hello people.....uh....please snap quickly and move out of the way so those of us with zoom lens can get our shots in.  Quick!

The first dance of the afternoon program was called the Twelve Zhing Kyong, named after the 12 protectors of Buddha's teachings.

The first two of the twelve characters to appear are Yab and Yum (male and female) with lion faces.  They are followed by eight supernatural spirits and two monkeys.

In the photo below, Yum is on the left.  She's red in color and holds a trident in one hand and a heart in the other.  Yab is on the right.  He's black in color and holds a spear and a heart.

Each of the twelve characters, except for the two monkeys have names and unique masks and costumes.  I can't distinguish who is who except for the one the photo below.  That's Naga Demon.  He has a black face and carries a lasso made out of snakes.  You can see the lasso in his hands.

The monkeys were easy to spot.


That's Chantale inching into my frame of view.  It's okay.  She never stays there but for a few seconds.  But see just how close we are to the action!