Suitcase and World: So where am I going? Here's the third of five clues.

Thursday, July 6, 2006

So where am I going? Here's the third of five clues.

Clue #3

On days 5 and 6, I will be in this city whose name, when translated from Quechua, means "Navel" which seems appropriate since this city was once the capital of an ancient civilization. Driven by a greed for gold, the same conqueror that founded the city in Clue #1 led his army into this city in 1533 and conquered it for his motherland. In the years that followed, the invaders undertook the construction of a new city, atop the old, replacing temples with churches and palaces with mansions for the conquerors. During this time period, the city prospered as a result to agriculture, cattle raising, mining and trade with other nations. Today, the city thrives primarily on tourism and was inscribed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1983.

Geographically, it is the 3rd highest (elevation wise) city in the world, surpassed only by La Paz, Bolivia and Lhasa, Tibet and owns the distinction of being THE spot on earth with the highest UV level. Hopefully, SPF 55 will be enough to protect me :-). The city is laid out in the shape of a sacred crouching Puma with an ancient megalithic stone fortress at the head and an ancient plaza marking the center of the body.

Name the megalithic stone fortress that represents the head of the sacred crouching Puma. Betcha thought I was going to ask you to name the city but that would make it way too easy for you :-)