Suitcase and World: The Eagle and I.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Eagle and I.

got to hold a Golden Eagle!! No, I wasn't hunting. This was very touristy moment that took place in the vendor stalls just outside the entrance to Erdene Zuu Monastery. There was one vendor who for a small fee, (can't remember how much.....didn't really care) would let you put on a leather glove and hold the bird. I simply could not turn down this opportunity and I'm so glad I did it!

At first the bird felt, not light, but not heavy. The vendor instructed to move my arm up and down, forcing the bird to spread its wings. I then felt the weight of the bird and of its talons tightening its grip on the glove that I had on!! It didn't take but a few up and down waves of my arm before I started to feel the strain of carrying this bird. But pain or no pain, all I wanted to do was focus on was the face of this magnificent bird!