Suitcase and World: Zuun Nuur.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Zuun Nuur.

e arrived at the ger camp at Zuun Nuur in the late afternoon. This was the first time that several of the gers were three person gers. I shared one with Sharon and Adrian and Violeta bunked in with Alexandra and Teresa. Perfect for her because our Portuguese travel mates prefer to be sleeping in a really, really warm ger which is perfect for Violeta.

As soon as I got settled in, I headed out for a pre-dinner walk. The beautiful lake was just beckoning me. After two days of camping at Lake Khövsgöl in the rain, it was nice to be able to enjoy the lake views with the sun shining.

Walking away from the ger camp, I hiked up a nearby hill...passing a small herd of sheep along the way.

When I finally made it to the crest, I could see that there was another side of the lake. I could also see storm clouds forming. I decided to hang out, on the hill crest for as long as I could before I felt the first raindrop hit my face. So much for a walk in the sun :-(

Then, I had to scurry down the hillside and found shelter in a small grove of evergreen trees located a few feet from the water's edge.

A few of the sheep had the same idea so there I was....standing in a grove of trees with a few sheep to keep me company :-)

After the rain passed, I took a walk along the water's edge. The sun had broken through the clouds. It was a beautiful time for a lakeside stroll.

Zuun Nuur is a salt lake. I decided to see just how salty so I took small sip of water. I expected salt water like the ocean but it was only mildly saline. Even so, the first few rows of trees lining the shore were dead stumps so the water is salty enough to kill vegetation.

Rocks, wet from the rain, lined the water's edge so I had to tread carefully otherwise I would have likely slipped.

Pieces of what looked like driftwood dotted were strewn amongst the rocks.

As I continued my walk along the lake, I soon bumped into Eric who was exercising his creative side by piling up rocks and twigs to create *art*. Interesting.

Soon, I found myself back at the ger camp. The hike and walk was just what I needed to burn off some energy and calories. By now, it was nearing dinner time and I was getting hungry.

Dinner that night was served inside a large ger. There were only two dining tables in the place but it was enough to seat all of us.

After dinner, Adam had asked for a leg massage. The guy wears Crocs. Who wears Crocs to go traipsing around the countryside in? No wonder his calves were so sore. He showed up in our ger all ready for me to rub him down. Little did he know what he was in for. All I will say is that I gave him the Death Grip and his moans of pain provided a great deal of entertainment for Sharon and Adrian. We were so mean :-)

After a couple of hours of working on him, he was exhausted from the pain and I was tired from the exercise. I called it a night. Slept like a log. Tomorrow would be another adventure.