Suitcase and World: Mali & Senegal. Itinerary

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mali & Senegal. Itinerary

finally got my approval for the mission to Mali so this trip is really happening!!

I wasted no time getting my flight arrangements in order and finalizing the details of my trip through Mali after my work assignment ends.  I'm hiring a local guide for my trip through Mali. I still have to work out what exactly what I'm going to do when I'm in Dakar - so many things I want to see, so little time :-(

So, here's the itinerary.

Aug 27 - Leave DC
Aug 28 - Arrive Dakar
Aug 29 - Dakar to Bamako
Aug 30 to Sept 3 - Work
Sept 4 - Vacation begins! Bamako to Timbuktu
Sept 5 - Timbuktu to Mopti
Sept 6 - Mopti to Djenné (will be there to see the famous Monday market!)
Sept 7 - Djenné to Dogon
Sept 8 - Dogon
Sept 9 - Dogon to Segou
Sept 10- Segou back to Bamako
Sept 10 - Bamako to Dakar
Sept 12 - Dakar to DC

....and if this isn't a packed itinerary, three days after I get home, I'm back on a plane headed to India to begin my three week trip through India and Bhutan! It's been an absolute challenge trying to plan two back to back trips to four very different places and I just hope that I've got all the details worked out correctly or I could find myself stranded somewhere :-)