Suitcase and World: Creaciones de Gabi y Posada Luna del Sur.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Creaciones de Gabi y Posada Luna del Sur.

My brother thinks it's a Hispanic/Latin thing because our chamber maid in Flores, Guatemala was also a whiz with towel creations.  Izabel was her name and she rolled our bath towels into what we thought was an armadillo and our face towels into a duck.

Of course, I'm a sucker for these sorts of things, more so cause I'm just curious how the towel is actually folded into the shape.

Gabi's works of art.  When we walked into our hotel room at Posada Luna del Sur, there was a beautiful towel creation in the shape of a swan.  Our chamber maid, Gabi, had taken two towels to make her creation - one towel for the wings and the other for the swan's body, neck and head.

On the second day, we came back to find an elephant on the bed!  Again, it was two bath towels.  This time, it was one towel for the boy and legs and the one for the head, trunk and ears.  And for accent, Gabi added a pair of eyes.  Isn' it cute?

On the third day, it was snail that greeted us back to the room.   Same two towels.  One for the body and the other for the shell.  The snail was accented with a pair of eyes and a smile.....a happy snail!

We found that Gabi has a large repertoire of towel creations and she does not do the same creation for all the rooms the same day.  Apparently, she has a rotation schedule :-)

I found Posada Luna del Sur and settled on it after having to make the difficult decision of whether to stay in the beach zone or in town.  Both have their pluses and minuses.  I finally chose to stay in Tulum itself because I figured we needed to be able to get around easily and there was no doubt that this would be easier to do from town than from the beach zone.
If you ever go to Tulum, please consider staying at Posada Luna del Sur.  You would be helping out a small business and you won't regret it.  Sarah worked with me to arrange our room booking and was there to welcome us to our room when we arrived.  The room was nothing fancy but it was very comfy.  We had two twin beds, a bathroom with a shower, a small seating area, a small kitchenette that was equipped with a few dishes and utensils, a refrigerator, a filtered water dispenser but no appliances.  There was a small kitchen counter with two stools.  Perfect to grab a small bite of something.....or in our case, tamales from a nearby street vendor and fruits from the local produce vendor.  The room also had a small outside balcony that overlooked a small garden.  It was fully air conditioned.  There was a small TV with cable and free wifi.

The nightly rate included free breakfast which was served on the hotel's rooftop patio.  It was very casual, comfortable place to have breakfast. Food wise, it was nothing fancy but it was good enough for a simple breakfast.  Marty has two cooks working the kitchen and so long as they have the ingredients, they will make you whatever you want to eat.  One morning, they even served enchiladas.  There was always cereal and fresh fruit available along with coffee and tea.

During our stay at Posada Luna del Sur, most of our interaction was with Marty, who is Sarah's other half.  Marty was ever so helpful - dispensing lots of very useful advice, reserving our spot for us at Si'an Kaan and loaning us bicycles to ride.  He also aranged for our taxi rides including our last day in town which was not easy to do because he had to make sure the taxi arrived on time and that it met up with us in Akumal with our luggage.

Sarah and Marty provided the kind of attention that you would not get if you stayed at a larger resort; worth every penny of the very reasonable nightly rate they charge!