Suitcase and World: Four. ٤

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Four. ٤

Ihave been thinking of going to Morocco for many years now and always thought that it was the kind of place that would be fun to travel to with a group versus going by myself. At first, I was going to sign up with a tour company but after both my brother and my friend and colleague, Soon, indicated they were interested in going with me, I decided to make this a group trip.

I started planning this trip in earnest pretty much as soon as I returned from Mexico. My brother's interest began to wane shortly after his return from Mexico, I think not because he didn't want to go to Morocco but because he couldn't afford to take any more leave from his job which I can understand.  It will be sad to not have him there as I think he would have really enjoyed it but we'll definitely be doing more traveling together in the future so another time.

Soon's interest in going to Morocco never died so he has been a shoe-in since day one.  Two is not quite a group so I decided to ask another colleague and friend, Aaron, if he would be interested.  Aaron, Soon, and I have worked together in the past and we get along very well.  Both guys are very easy going which makes for pleasant company.  The two guys had also traveled to Peru together along with Aaron's sister Mildred and all three of them get along. 

"Two guys, a girl and another girl "Aaron decided to ask his sister if she would want to come and she wavered a bit at the beginning but in the end, decided to come along.  I have to admit, I'm glad to have another woman in the mix.  I've not met Mildred but I'm sure we'll easily bond.  So, we are a group of four!!

Once we got everyone on board, I started booking accommodations for us which is turning out to be a bit of a challenge as we are traveling over the holidays.  We've all gotten our plane tickets. Everything is coming together pretty quickly but there's still quite a bit of planning to do. So, I've invited everyone to come over to my place so I can explain the itinerary to them, introduce the to the places we'll be going to and divvy out the remaining tasks. :-)

So far, everything is progressing smoothly.  Fingers crossed that it remains that way!!