Suitcase and World: The countdown begins!

Friday, July 13, 2012

The countdown begins!

I realize I haven't posted up anything for quite sometime partly because I was preoccupied with wrapping up my blog for my recent trip to India and partly because of other activities taking up my time.  The main purpose of the India trip was work related but of course, I managed to squeeze in some travel time afterwards.  Had a great time!

Even with the distractions, I did manage to spend some time focusing on this trip.  I've confirmed plans with the guide I've hired; I confirmed with my uncle in Singapore that we'll be spending time with him and I'm doing the final check of details with my brother.  The last bit is the most important and I'm impressed to have found out that he had already taken of everything he needed without reminders from me!  He's becoming a very seasoned traveler :-)

A couple weeks ago, I ordered Sri Lankan rupees from the credit union and it was delivered a week later so we have some money to get us going.   At today's exchange rate of 134 LKR to 1 USD, our money will go a long way!

This past week, I had my BlackBerry enabled for international roaming so we'll have a phone to use; my brother can leave his at home.

I also broke down and got a monopod for my camera so I can better stabilize my camera for photos.  Thanks to go my colleague, Vijay, for giving me some pointers on how to use the monopod and to take better night photos.  I'm going to need it for the shots of the Esala Perahera processions.

I still need to confirm with our hotel in Negombo, get my prescription for Lariam filled, pick up a few more of the items on my packing list, call my credit and debit card companies to let them know I'll be traveling and book my seat on SuperShuttle.  Otherwise, I'm ready to go!