Suitcase and World: For the Rose Lover. Paseo del Rosedal.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

For the Rose Lover. Paseo del Rosedal.

Bro is die hard rose lover. Not only does he grow them in his own garden but he also frequently visits t he San Jose Heritage Rose Garden which is located in easy driving distance from where he lives. When we were in Latvia, he enjoyed strolling through the gardens at Rundāle Palace and admiring the huge rose garden there. So, when I was researching places to visit in Buenos Aires, the Rose Garden (Paseo del  Rosedal) immediately caught my attention. It also caught Bro's.

We decided to walk to the Rose Garden.  It was super hot and humid and we really had no idea of the distance but we took a few breaks along the way to sip water and cool off.

I took notice of the huge flowering trees.  The blooms were large, colorful and spectacular. 

Bro identified them as Hong Kong Orchid trees so named because the flower is reminiscent of an orchid and the tree was first discovered in Hong Kong around 1880.  Seeing them growing here made us realize just how warm the winter climate is in Buenos Aires.

We walked for what seemed like an eternity.  Probably only the length of a few city blocks but in the   oppressive summer weather, it was a killer distance.  We ended up on the banks of a lake.  According to Bro's map, the garden was somewhere very close by.  But where?  Here we go again.  We decided to walk counterclockwise around the lake.  I was just hoping we were not heading in the wrong direction to get to the entrance.  Not that we've ever done that before....hello Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden. :-)

A curious flock of ducks decided to come check us out as we stood for a view of the lake.  No doubt, they were looking for handouts.  Sorry, guys, we don't have anything with us.

They were so darn cute but in no time, they gave up on us and headed back to the water.

Except for the few that decided to walk with us for a bit.  They too gave up after a while.

The lake cleaner.   No wonder the water is so clean!

Across the water, I spotted the pergola with the climbing roses.  That had to be the garden but where, where, where was the entrance?  Walking in this weather, even with a hat to shade my head from the heat of the sun, is tortuous!

The area around the Rose Garden and its lake is a popular place for local residenets to come enjoy live music, free gym classes, and watch street performers and the walkways that circle the lake are perfect for strolling, cycling, jogging and even roller blading.  We saw a few people whirling about on blades.  At the lake, there's a small pavilion you can hire boats with paddles or pedals.

I  then spotted the white bridge which sadly to look like it was in a state of either construction or reconstruction.  My heart fell when we saw the sign indicating it was closed.  So went one way to get across the water.

We eventually found the entrance....after we had pretty much walked all the way around the lake.  Yes, hello Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden. :-)  Indeed, theRose Garden is surrounded by an iron gate so make sure  you know where the entrance is!

By the time we entered, I was ready to find a shady spot to sit under and cool off for a bit.  And so we did.

The Rose Garden is the heart of the Tres de Febrero park. It was created in 1914 by the landscaper Carlos Thays. The garden is home to over 12,000 rose bushes of different kinds.   Bro knows his roses.  He walked by one rose after another and could easily identify the name of the bloom.  I can do it by color e.g., nice red rose :-)

 He decided to give me a simple lesson on the different types of roses. He broke it down into three categories:  hybrid teas, floribundas and grandifloras.  He explained the differences between them. Sadly, I don't remember what he told me - brain fried by the sun.  So, here's a webpage that explains rose categories in more detail.

After our short sit in the shade, we walked through the garden.  In this heat, many of the blooms were in various stages of wilting.  This place would be wonderful to come to in the late spring or early summer when the days are cooler.  Bro did note that the plants here are healthy and not ridden with disease which means they are well tended to.  Indeed, the entire Rose Garden is well landscaped and manicured.

By the time I was ready to wilt, it was time for us to leave.   Ironically, we exited the park through its main entrance :-)

From here, we walked to our next destination.  We had one more garden to visit before calling it a day.