Suitcase and World: Cerro de la Cruz.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cerro de la Cruz.

On the way back to Antigua from Santiago Zamora, Sue had had the driver take us to Cerro de la Cruz which sits high on a hill above the town.  Saved us the 30 minute plus walk from town center.  From Cerro de la Cruz, we had sweeping views of the town below and Volcan Agua in the background.

Our van pulled into a parking lot and from there, we had a short downhill walk, towards the cross, to really appreaciate the view. 

It was a great view of Antigua from high above. Of course, I was trying if I could recognize any of the historical landmarks from this vantage point but no luck.  I did find a minute to have a picture of me taken with the wonderful view behind me. :-)