Suitcase and World: Birthday Boy!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Birthday Boy!!

Everyone was in on the plan except the Birthday Boy, of course. We would go to a deli to pick up food for lunch and then head over to Posada Los Bucaros to eat. Waiting there would be dessert. A birthday cake and other treats for my brother because today was his birthday!!

I got Sue in the act about a week ago when told her I wanted to have everyone help him celebrate the day. She organized everything and turned it into a wonderful surprise party for him!

Because it was a surprise, I had to get everyone in place before he arrived and since he and I walked over to the hotel together, I had to stall him every now and again to give the others time to be in place.  Poor guy.  Had no clue we they all ambushed him with shouts of "Surprise" and broke into a chorus singing "Happy Birthday".  It was a priceless moment!

Soon captured the moment on video.

Sue had purchased a cheesecake, some very nice chocolates and sodas.

We ate our usual, with a heavy dose of laughter.  By now, the group was feeling very much like a close knit family.  A lot of good natured ribbing and jokes and a lot of loud cackling.

And who says only women don't like to reveal their ages....caught on video thanks again to Soon.

Then, it was time to blow out the candles and make a wish.  It took several puffs but he finally managed to put out the flames.  Of course, we had to tease him about having to blow so many times just to put out a few teeny, weeny candles.  The guy's gettng old :-)

Flames out.  Time to cut the cake.  Birthday Boy got to do the honors :-)

As everyone enjoyed devouring their slice of cheesecake (which by the way was VERY yummy), the chatter and laughter continued.

It was very simple celebration but a very special one for me as I cannot remember the last time I toasted my brother on his birthday.  I hope he carries the memory of this day with him forever.