Suitcase and World: Alfombras of Semana Santa.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Alfombras of Semana Santa.

One of the unique features of the Holy Week celebrations in Guatemala is the creation of *carpets* (alfombras) made from flowers, vegetables and colored sawdust. Often the rugs were often adorned with other materials. We saw eggs, bottle caps, plastic balls just to name a few.

The alfombras are created for the processional floats to march over. Planning begins months ahead and it can take several hours to create a single carpet only for it to be *destroyed* in a matter of minutes.

What's amazing is that there are so many processions occuring during the week that every hour of every day, it seemed like new alfombras were being created every hour of every day during Semana Santa.

No two alfombra designs are the same and some were very personal.

No matter the design, how big the rug was or who created it, the love, devotion and passion that they eachrepresent was just so heart touching. How lucky I was to have had the opportunity to see these rugs first hand....something I will remember for the rest of my life.

Here's a video slideshow of alfombra photos that I took on my trip.