Suitcase and World: Panoramas.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Soon created these panoramas using photos taken on his Canon point and shoot camera.   It's amazing the images you can capture without a wide angle lens.  I thought they were so cool that they deserved to be showcased and so I'm posting them up.

Enjoy the views!!  We most certainly did!

Parque Central, Antigua

Grand Plaza, Tikal

View of the Grand Plaza and Temple I from Temple II, Tikal

Catedral, Parque Central and Valiant (hiding behind the pillar), Antigua

Lake Atitlán
Iglesia La Merced, Antigua

Lake Atitlán shrouded in early mornng mist

View of Antigua as seen from Cerro de la Cruz.

Courtyard inside Iglesia La Merced, featuring Antigua's largest water fountain