Suitcase and World: Devrent (Imagination) Valley.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Devrent (Imagination) Valley.

By mid afternoon, we had made it to another familiar place - the Devrent Valley which is also known as Imagination Valley. I remember it as the place where the rock formations supposedly look like animals or people.  I have to admit, back then I wasn't good at identifying anything much.  Perhaps it would be better this time around.

As we pulled out of the parking lot at the Zelve Open Air Museum, I told my brother I had been to Devrent before and if my memory served me correctly, our drive would take us up a hill and when we reached near the top, there would be a short row of souvenir vendor stalls on our right and a row of vehicles parked alongside.  I told him that as long as I see those shops and vehicles parked out front, I would know we had arrived.  A short drive from Zelve and sure enough, we saw that same row of souvenir vendor shops.  Ha!  Who says I don't have a good memory?

We parked the car and I led Bro across the road.  As with everywhere else we've been today, there are no signs or descriptive plaques to guide you around so I did my best to explain to Bro what he was seeing.  After a whole day of exploring Cappadocia, I was concerned he would see this as *more rocks* but it is indeed a different landscape here.  You just have to use your imagination!

The most famous formation here is the one that greets you as walk over from the parking lot.  It's the one that I think looks like a turkey. 

There were quite a few tourists milling about so we just followed a few every now and then.  Path or no path, we made our way up and down the rocks to take in the views.  As hard as I tried to imagine what this rock or that rock looked like, I failed.  They all just looked like unusual looking rocks.

There are no fairy chimneys here or cave churches.  The formations are much smaller than anywhere else we've been to today. the name of photographic proof that we've actually been here, I made Bro pose for me.

And these formations would be?? to interpret the formations below?  Futuristic choir??  Penguins??

Somewhere along the base of those tall rocks is a narrow path.  Leave it to Bro to find the most difficult, albeit shortest route, path to get from Point A to Point B.

Sure, he looks happy because he easily scampers up rocks.  Me?  Hmmm.....well, no.  I take my time.  Hence, I returned home with all my limbs intact. 

It was a pretty time of day to be in the Devrent Valley.   It was late afternoon and the light of the sun was not as harsh - my pictures came out well.  Well, at least some of my pictures came out well.  I love the fluffy clouds.

If there's a hill, we must climb it.  That's Bro's credo, not mine.  As best I can I follow along.  I curse him all the way up and then when I get to the top, I forget all the misery. What a view!! 

Looking back towards the souvenir vendor stalls and row of parked vehicles.

I liked these cute rocks with their teeny weeny caps and pear shaped bottoms.  Indeed they look like pears!

We didn't stay at Devrent long.  We had to scoot.  The day was beginning to fade and we had at least two more places to go before we could call it a day!

On our way back to the car, I took one last photo....of the only rock formation that I can actually imagine looking like something other than a rock!  Bye turkey!