Suitcase and World: Esentepe Panoramic Viewpoint.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Esentepe Panoramic Viewpoint.

View of Göreme.

Just when I thought our sightseeing day was over, it was not. On the short drive from Uçhisar to Göreme, just on the side of the main road connecting the two villages,  Bro noticed cars parked alongside a row of what appeared to be souvenir shops.  In a split second, he figured the cars were there for a reason and he decided to pull over and find out why.

It was getting late, I was getting tired and it was cold.  I was not all that keen to check it out but what the heck, we're here.  So, I followed behind Bro.

We were parked at the back side of the row of shops.  The moment I reached the front side, I immediately recognized where I was.  This was the exact same place that I been too in 2008; Lei and I were brought here as part of the Cappadocia tour that we were on.  Back then, Lei took a photo of a small wooden wagon standing near the edge of the plateau.  Believe it or not, that same wagon is still there though the flowers in Lei's photo have been replaced with tacky souvenirs.

Lei's photo from May, 2008.

That day, I remember walking around listening to the strains of an instrumental piece called  "Gülümcan" by Mehmet Cemal Yesilcay.  You can listen to it on this YouTube video.  It's such a sad sounding melody but for some reason, I just fell in love with much so that I actually got a copy of the album that it's on - "Cafe Anatolia" from my friend Şahin.  Today, the same song was playing over the loudspeaker.  I can't believe it.  It's like time has stood still for me.  I am back in some place very familiar; I am meant to be here at this moment!

Back then, I had no idea what the name of this place was; just that it was a good view point.  Today, I learned it's named Esentepe Panoramic Viewpoint.

On that day in May 2008, we arrived sometime around mid morning and it was a bright and sunny day.  Today, it was just past sunset and cloudy.  The spectacular view was just the same!

From here, you have a direct view down in to Pigeon Valley. 

To the far right are the very distinctive looking fairy chimneys that dot the White Valley.

We could see Uçhisar Castle, the lights of the town flickering below. 

Last but not least, we could gaze down at Göreme.  From here, we were probably just less than a handful of kilometers away.  We hadn't been here for long before I started feeling the chilly wind cut through my jeans.  I was ready to go and so was Bro.

We really had a great time today!  I got to see more of the places in Cappadocia that I hadn't had a chance to see on my previous two visits.  We have one more day left tomorrow and I'm taking Bro to two more of my favorite places.

Goodnight from Göreme!