Suitcase and World: Last Views of Oia.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Last Views of Oia.

I have a really good internal clock. Ever since we arrived two days ago, I've been wanting to go back to the promontory, at dawn, to take more photos.  Today, I woke up before dawn....without an alarm clock. I quickly glanced out the window and realized that if I hustled, I could make it to the promontory while it was still pre-dawn.  You don't want the sun to be up too high in the sky or the light won't be has to be still slightly dark.

I quickly threw on my clothes, told Bro what I was doing and dashed out the door.  Seconds count when you want to capture the right light. It was a fast paced walk. I got to the fork in the street.  I should have taken the left branch which goes downhill but instead I took the right which goes uphill.  By the time I realized my mistake and turned around, I had probably lost 5 minutes.  Doesn't sound like much time gone by but it's amazing how far up in the sky the sun can travel in 5 minutes.  I was losing night.

I had to pick up my pace, pretty much doing a light jog.  I got to the promontory and to my surprise, was the only one there. Maybe it's just me, but the early morning view here is just as gorgeous as the sunset view.  Where are the photogs?  I wasn't complaining though.  It truly is a luxury to have this place all to myself considering the mob scene it could be.

I took as many photos as I could before the sun took away the darkness that I needed for the shots I was trying to capture.

I continued to shoot photos all the way back to the apartment. The streets were empty so no one to obstruct my views. It was a perfect time of day to be out.

It's amazing how many times I've walked this route in the past two days and with each walk, I see something new that catches my eye.

By the time I reached the gate to the path leading down to our apartment, the pink light of dawn had given way to the orange light of early morning. 

Last views of Oia from our patio.

 Oia.  Photographers delight.  One day, when I'm more skilled at taking photos, I will come back.