Suitcase and World: The Three Sisters.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Three Sisters.

Three Sisters and their long lost Brother. :-)

The Three Sisters are a famous trio of tufa pinnacles with basalt caps (aka what I call the mushroom shaped fairy chimneys) located in the town of Ürgüp.  Back in 2008, I was told they were called "Father, Mother and Daughter".  I take that to mean that they don't have an official name so call the trio whatever you want.  Today, it's Three Sisters.

I think everyone who arrives into Cappadocia via Kayseri Airport and is staying in either Göreme or Ürgüp will pass by this small cluster of fairy chimneys on their way to and from the airport.  You really can't miss them as they do stand alone and therefore, just stand out.  Alternatively, just look for the souvenir stands with the tour buses parked adjacent :-)

Of course, I had to take Bro to see them.  I told him it would only be a five minute stop.  I then had to have him pose for the obligatory photo!  He returned favor by taking one of me adding to the one that Lei took of me back in 2008.  Argh... six years, more gray hair, no glasses and a lot of pounds later!  I have aged but I'm happier than ever!



Next, it was off to see the sunset!