Suitcase and World: Breakfast Malian style. I'll pass.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Breakfast Malian style. I'll pass.

After we got off the ferry from Djenné, our first destination on our roadtrip was to a roadside stand where Tall and Peter got their breakfast. They're Malian which means they need to eat a full meal at breakfast and would be some form of starch and meat. Today, all Tall wanted was the meat. He called it barbecue.

A short distance from the ferry landing, Peter pulled over to a small group of thatched root mud huts. I could smell the roasting meat.

Tall ordered up a bowlful of something and motioned for me to follow him. I asked him what was in the bowl and he said goat insides - intestines, heart, liver, kidney. Most certainly not your typical American breakfast but just the ticket if your Malian :-) He offered me a piece and I picked the liver which at least looked like it had been well cooked....not sure about some of the other pieces which looked to me like they were still oozing blood. A bowlful of goat innards was followed by a bowl of goat ribs. By the way, there’s not a whole lot of meat on goat least, not on Malian goats. Tall shared his bowl with Peter.

As they were gnawing away on the bones, another guy was preparing green tea for them. The Malian way to make tea is to poor hot water into a small glass that has sugar in it. That solution then gets poured into a small teapot that contains the green tea leaves. Two seconds in the pot and the tea is pour back into the glass. Repeat for more times than I could keep track of and then the tea is finally ready.   Tall and Peter took a few minutes to enjoy their tea.  I was just soaking in where I was and all that was happening around me. 

With their bellies full, Peter, Tall and I got back in the car and we hit the road!